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Make a Donation to WNXX Interactive


We have received 1176.00 GBP in donations. Our goal is to raise 576.00 GBP.

Please support the WNXX Forum by making a donation towards the hosting costs via PayPal.

The target set here is for the estimated hosting costs for the forum incurred over a twelve month period whilst the donations total shows the running total for the donations made by the forum membership during the same period. The 'financial year' on the WNXX Forum runs from the start of December to the end of November the following year. The goal for the year up to and including November 30th 2017 is set at £576 which is basically the monthly hosting cost for the forum times twelve.

All donations, no matter how great or how small, are greatly appreciated and contribute towards the running costs of the WNXX Forum.

Any forum members who have made a donation are entitled to be changed to Contributor status. If this change does not take place within a day or two of making a donation, especially if the email used for PayPal is different to the one you are registered on the forum with, then please get in touch with Admin via PM to get your status changed over.